Tranent Medical Practice
June 2017 Appointment Survey Results

In June this year we carried out a survey of patients to find out what they thought about the process for making their appointment. Over a 3 week period questionnaires were distributed in the waiting rooms, and 157 patients completed one of these. We’d like to thank them for taking the time to do this, as their feedback is very helpful to us.

The full results of the survey are available here.

The key findings from the survey were:

(1) Patients are not finding it easy to contact us by phone to make an appointment first thing in the morning. 35% had found it either Not Easy or Difficult to get through when they wanted to, and the practice is now looking at how it can improve this.

(2) 93% of patients had found the reception staff either Very Helpful or Fairly Helpful when making their appointment.

(3) 88% of patients were either Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the date and time of the appointment they had been given. For an Advance appointment (ie one booked more than 2 days ahead) with a GP, this figure dipped to 83%.

(4) 84% of patients were either Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the overall process for making their appointment. For GP Advance appointments the figure was 74%.

(5) A significant number of patients commented that they didn’t like being asked to call back for an appointment at 2pm if they didn’t get one at 8:30 when the first release of appointments took place. In response to this the practice has now changed to a single appointment release per day at 8:30, and has stopped the second release at 2pm.

The practice is looking at ways it can improve it’s operations to tackle the patient issues highlighted by this survey, and plans to run similar surveys in future to obtain patient feedback on the services we provide.